Welcome to DefuseD

A brand new OSRS Server designed for a challenge.


DefuseD is a newly found server created in July 2019. Designed to keep all sorts of different players interested. Whilst Ironman and Ultimate Ironman are difficult challenges, We also have an OSRS mode with only x5 experience.


Defused has a caring and strong community, to be part of it click the button below. Joining will give you access to the latest information about Defused as well as increasing your eligiability for better rewards.


Server Features

Defining Features

Defused is known for it's many defining features such as all OSRS skills and bosses.

Content Packed

All the content written for Defused is made to the highest standard with the intentions of being smooth and easy.

99.9% Uptime

Defused has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, it is important to us that our players get to play when they want whenever they want.

Responsive Website

The Defused website is made to be responsive giving you access from a large range of device sizes from mobile to 4k.